Smart Home Automation: Your Home, Fully Connected

Stay connected to devices and appliances in your home from anywhere in the world with Trimble Security Integrations range of simple and effective home automation solutions. Every house is different, which is why the team at Trimble makes a special effort to work with each client individually, creating a bespoke package custom-designed for home and your lifestyle.

Your home is the most expensive asset you have, and nothing can bring more peace of mind than knowing your property is safe and secure. No matter where you may be, our home automation packages allow you to check security devices and ensure everything is just how you left it. What's more, by connecting a range of home automation devices, you can prepare your home to be as comfortable as possible when you arrive home. Let your house welcome you home with simple solutions from Trimble.

What Trimble Can do for You

Trimble Security Integrations has partnered with as well as other industry leaders such as DSC, to deliver the best solutions to monitor, protect, and automate your home.

Our experts can help you seamlessly integrate all your security and home automation devices to one simple, easy-to-use platform that you can access anywhere.

Comfort and Control

One easy-to-use app can control all the devices in your house, from security functions to light switches and general appliances. Thanks to advanced technology, you have full control and can decide whether you'd like to find music playing, the heating on, or a comforting lamp to greet you on your arrival. You can even check on the dog while you are busy at work. Most customers admit to having felt anxious that they might have left on potentially dangerous appliances, such as an iron, hair straighteners, or fan heater. Superior control of all your internal appliances via a smart app not only eliminates that worry but also reduces the risk of a fire in the home.

Home Automation & Modern Security: Experience the Benefits

Many clients find the benefit to home security that comes with smart home automation is one of the most valuable features. The app has the ability to connect to a general alarm but also to door and window locks to check for any potential security breaches. Furthermore, enhanced video recording can also provide useful evidence, if required.

Being able to lock or unlock a door can offer so many advantages in addition to monitoring security. Rather than coming home to find your offspring waiting patiently on the doorstep, one flick of the app can let them in safely. They might even have cooked your dinner before you get home. With smart home automation, forgetting one's door key may never be a problem again!

In addition, a smart home automation solution can save our customers money, as well as time. Thousands of dollars are wasted each year as a result of people leaving on lights in their homes, and the ecological impact is immeasurable. This simple app can help you save the environment and reduce your energy bills by helping you control every switch and appliance in your home from your phone.


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Tailor-Made Packages from Trimble Security Integrations

Because every property is different, Trimble Security works with customers directly to develop a custom-designed solution for both residential and commercial properties. We can design the perfect installation to fit any property and any budget. Our team of highly experienced staff has the knowledge and the skill to find a solution to all your smart home automation needs, as well as some extra ideas that can improve your life. Our clients are supported throughout the process, from planning and designing a custom-made solution to installing a top-quality product that is both easy and effective. If you are interested in finding out more, call Trimble for a free evaluation with no obligation.

Why TSI is Your Trusted Partner for Smart Home Automation

Extraordinary Customer Service - At Trimble Security Integrations, everything we do is customer-oriented. As a local family-owned company, we’re committed to working hard for our fellow neighbors.

Customized Services - Our home automation services are not one-size-fits-all. Every solution is customized to meet the needs and budget of each customer.

Quality Personnel - At Trimble Security Integrations, we hire only competent, highly experienced, and professional staff. We know the difference good people make.

Quality Solutions - We are here to support you with equipment we can stand behind. All of our solutions are hand-picked from the best in the industry.

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